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I am an experienced generalist software developer who has worn many different hats throughout their career.
My primary focus throughout most of my career has been the Javascript ecosystem as a whole, but I have also acquired a solid background in other stacks, ranging across the spectrum from Front End, through to Back End and deeper still into Infrastructure.
I have been lucky enough to gain experience working on a wide variety of projects ranging from jobs for large enterprise companies to smaller high-scale high-growth companies as well as fast paced early stage start-ups.
I have experience at hands-on technical leadership of product development, as well as the mentorship and training of other engineers, and find both of these an equally important aspect of my profession.
I am highly passionate about my work, strong in my professional opinions, and am highly driven to not only produce high-quality sustainable work, but to also positively impact my community in all aspects ranging from technical expertise to diversity and inclusivity.

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