Gidi Meir Morris

Software Developer & Engineering Manager


During my almost 20-year career in software development and team leadership, I have worked in a diverse and comprehensive array of technical and managerial roles spanning frontend, backend and infrastructure. These roles have afforded me opportunities to lead at various levels and a variety of environments, from providing guidance and cohesive technical vision in large-scale, fast-pace start-ups, to ensuring consistent, sustainable, high-quality output within large enterprise companies. I am driven by a deep interest in agile practices, team dynamics, continuous improvement and mentorship which I hold as equally important to technical ability, in pursuit of successful product delivery. Alongside sustainably delivering high-quality work, I passionately believe in positively impacting my community in aspects ranging from technical achievement to diversity and inclusivity.

Work Experience

  1. Elastic

    Principal Software Engineer
    1. 2019
    2. 2020

    Full stack engineering of Elastic's Alerting framework within the Kibana Platform.
    Owner of Kibana's TaskManager, focused on performance improvements and scaling up the infrastructure to better handle the growth in adoption of our new Alerting framework.

  2. Unruly

    Senior Software Developer
    1. 2016
    2. 2019

    Full stack development of the Unruly Ad Platform using Javascript & Java on top of AWS-based immutable infrastructure.
    Among other things this includes R&D of: Our Ad Exchange, a multi-region distributed system servicing thousands of requests a second. Our Supply Side Platform, a Web Application in React & Redux. A variety of Video Ad Formats and client side solutions in vanilla Javascript.
    Leadership and mentorship of a 10 person development team and stewardship of the Product Development Diversity & Inclusivity group.
    Owner of the Programmatic Demand strand, ensuring valuable prioritisation, research and implementation of deliverables in a lean, yet sustainable, manner.
    Working in an XP environment ( agile, Pair & Mob Programming, Collective Ownership, & Merciless Refactoring), I have focused on collaboration, self organisation and mentorship across all aspects of product delivery and a variety of catalytic skills.
    Unruly's first Nomad, providing roaming technical leadership across all development teams.

  3. Loveholidays

    Lead Front-End Architect
    1. 2014
    2. 2015

    Managed a team of Javascript & Python developers working on the Loveholidays Web Application.
    Led the top down rewrite of the entire website ( turning spaghetti into lasagne), converting a code base of legacy JS into a modular architecture based on Backbone.js and ES6. Incrementally rearchitected different parts of the site while still providing a stable code base for continued functional development.
    Prototyped features using React and extensive AB Testing.

  4. Freelance

    R&D and Consulting
    1. 2013

    I designed and implemented Front End solutions consisting of application development using Backbone.js, workflow, build and test automation using Grunt.js and Back End layers and APIs using PHP Flight and Node.js Express.
    Built a responsive marketing website for a mobile product including animated UX demonstrations using Bootstrap and both JS animations and CSS3 transitions.
    Implemented data storage and caching solutions using Redis and MongoDB running on top of AWS.
    During this time I provided services for several different companies, including ReallyGood, Conduit, Klarna and Cyhawk Ventures.

  5. Pluralis

    Senior Front End Developer
    1. 2011
    2. 2012

    As the first employee at an early stage startup (pre round A) I was solely responsible for the design and implemention of the Front End architecture of our A/B testing product.
    Using Backbone.js, Underscore, jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS and vanilla Javascript, I created a system for Multivariate A/B testing, an SDK for third-party developers and a web application for the management and execusion of A/B testing competitions.
    I built several Javascript libraries, including a library for cross-build module management and a reverse CSS-selector engine for persistable DOM querying.
    I supported development of a backend system using Java Spring and AWS. Implemented storage solutions using MongoDB and CouchDB.

  6. Metacafe

    Web Engineer
    1. 2011
    2. 2010

    Development of a Web Application using PHP and Javascript for the Metacafe portal and the site's semantic data layer in a high scale and high traffic web environment.

    Designed, implemented and extended infrastructure packages using PHP for Mediawiki, Semantic MediaWiki and an in-house MVC web framework.
    Integrated the Metacafe Semantic data layer with the Sesame RDF database.
    Implemented caching layers using Memcached and Varnish, and tuned caching and eviction strategies in PHP and VCL in a massive scale environment (measuring several millions of request per day).
    Implemented asynchronous workers using Gearman in PHP to perform offline processessing and semantic analysis of video content.

  7. Military

    Application System Engineer
    1. 2009

    Project Management, System Analysis and Oversight of a multimillion dollar Microsoft.Net application.

  8. Military

    Team Lead
    1. 2006
    2. 2008

    Hands-on development, management and technical leadership of two development teams (8 people in total) working on two N-Tier ASP.Net Web Applications.
    Technical design and development of Web Applications and Services in Javascript and C#.
    Designed the data layer and integration with both the Oracle 9i and SQLServer databases.

  9. Military

    Software Developer
    1. 2005
    2. 2003

    Developed an N-Tier ASP.Net web application as part of a four person team. Built both UI and BL components for data display and manipulation using Javascript and C# libraries. Created and took ownership of a department wide position responsible for all UX and design work.

  10. Freelance

    Web Designer
    1. 2002

    Freelance graphic designer, servicing both private clients and companies such as HP's Indigo division.